Restoring old email from OST File older than 12 months


we have a contact that moved to a new email platform (365) from another 365 platform (godaddy).  The person doing the migration exported all mail in outlook to a PST file and then imported into the new 365 account as there was no way to sync between godaddy and the new 365 platform.  

the problem is that outlook was set to only cache 12 months worth of email so only the last 12 months was exported to PST.

My question - is the email that is older than 12 months actually deleted from the OST file or is it just flagged not to show?  Is there a way to access the ost file to recover anything older than the 12 months or do messages older than 12 months automatically get cleared from the local OST file?
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RobertConnect With a Mentor System AdminCommented:
OST is just an offline copy of your mailbox so once it is deleted from the OST it is gone.
here is some more info about OST files.

If you want you can actually copy the OST then use converters to make it into a PST then attach it to outlook to see what is in it.

Depending on the deleted item retention policy on the exchange side you may be able to retrieve it but it is unlikely it is set that high.

I think your best bet is to restore from backup if you have one.
posaeAuthor Commented:
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