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excel form that produces a graph or bar chart

hi experts ive attached an excel file with info that id like to create a basic user form that produces a bar chart or graph.
basically i enter through the form;
- user name
- job number or id
- job client
- job rating id

then its to total number of jobs per user and total number of all users, no of job ratings, no of clients
- the purpose of this is to track very easily a workflow chart that is automated by the info entered into the form

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Frank .S

8/22/2022 - Mon
Martin Liss

Is "user name" the same as your "Initials" columns headings? If not, where do the names come from?

Can you manually create a chart so that I can better determine what you want?
Frank .S

hi martin, i have created and attached a manual bar chart for your reference
- what i havent attached below the bar chart and i need is an information table that i enter the same info you see in the bar chart into a table of information which then automatically updates the bar chart
- some jobs will overlap each other so if you could recommend what can be done, ie a job may still not be complete on say 12/12 but the following job needs to start on say 11/12 so the bar chart will need to show the overlap of dates
- the scheduled start & completion dates on top of the bar chart need to be in 1 color and the actual for start and completion in another, if possible to have the ability to turn off different levels of detail?
Martin Liss

OK, that's not really a chart, but rather just a sheet with highlighted cell data. I also don't see any relationship between the workbook you originally posted and your bar-chart one. In any case I'm sorry to say that I don't think I'll be able to help you.
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William Peck
Frank .S

thats ok, i dont think you have understood the data..
- row 8 are dates that jobs start & finish
- col b are the persons who have been assigned the jobs
- rows 5&6 is the legend/ colors that represent where the jobs are at
- job id and client name
- cells c9-p17 is the data table
- col q counts the number of jobs per person that have been assigned jobs

this has been created all manually, all i wanted was to enter all this info into cells below, say a table and for a bar chart to be created. could you recommend a bar chart template i could use then?
Martin Liss

Where does the data come from?
Frank .S

hi martin, the data comes from a very basic table that i would create directly under the bar chart. the data has the same info as you see in the bar chart
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Martin Liss

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Frank .S

hi martin, I have attached a wksht with both;
- bar chart
- bar chart data table