Uninstall 2016 Blueebeam PDF and install 2017 version using script

Good Morning,

I am new to scripting and never done it in the past and now have a test environment to play with it and once successful deploy this for about 100 computers running mix of windows 7 64 bit OS and windows 10 64 bit OS.

What I need to accomplish:  Uninstall Bluebeam 2016 and 2015 versions from about 100 computers and install the new BB 2017 on these domained machines. I need to get it done efficiently and to be able to show message to users that currently this upgrade is performed and once it finished display its now completed and thank you for your patience.  

Test Environment:

Got BB 2016 installed on Windows 10 x64 domained machine.
Built a test GPO and have this test computer in there.
Two scripts are in the startup sectiion:  1. UninstallPreviousversions.bat 2 BB2017silentinstall.bat They are setup in order.

As I am testing by rebooting this machine, looks like the script works after the login :

It uninstalls the older version 2016
and installs 2017 version silently

This takes about 15 minutes which is expected but the echo messages are not showing up for user to know that this process is going on.

Can someone help me to make my scripts better so that when the users log in to their windows 10 or windows 7 computers, its little graphical and the prompt "stays there" until the uninstall and new install is completed and if it fails for some reason, it gives a message that the changes were unable to be done.

Attached are my current two scripts. Hopefully this is simple enough but as I said I am new to this.

Secondly, I wanted to know why does the script only run one time and not again after the computer restarts. This is as per my tests, the script ran and uninstalled old versions and then installed the new version silently, however when I manually installed old version again and uninstalled new version, for my second test on the same PC, the scripts are not running.

Thank you very much!

Nick PerksIT DirectorAsked:
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Shaun VermaakTechnical Specialist/DeveloperCommented:
Any proficiency in C# etc?
Is this your script? If not, didn't the author say something about correct usage?
Are there many versions around?
The scripts should be a startup scripts, since logon scripts run unelevated and as user ->do not have the required permissions for installation.
Nick PerksIT DirectorAuthor Commented:
Hello, Thanks for replying. No I do not have experience with programming C#.  

This is not my script but someone wrote it a while ago. As I mentioned in my original post, that these scripts works fine  but I am just looking for a way to modify script - BB2017install silent.bat ( attached ) so that when the users log in to their windows 10 or windows 7 computers, its provides a dialog box and the prompt "stays there" until the uninstall and new install is completed thereby not allowing users to use their computers untill process is finished. If it fails for some reason, it gives a message that the changes were unable to be done.  

A status message popup goes like this:
Msg * text

Open in new window

Msiexec throws errorlevels, so
If %errorlevel% geq 1 msg * failure

Open in new window

after the line with msiexec should do.

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Shaun VermaakTechnical Specialist/DeveloperCommented:
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