Office 365 with ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus

Does anyone use ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus for supporting users and have you had success configuring it to send mail successfully? It's not rocket science to enter smtp info so it is either an issue with 365 not liking the way the app sends or maybe it's an oversight on my part in a mail setting somewhere in 365.

The settings don't get any easier to enter:
Server name:
Port: 587
Encryption method: STARTTLS
pbhcpaIT DirectorAsked:
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pbhcpaIT DirectorAuthor Commented:
Hey thanks Adam for responding. We found that all we needed to configure a connector (Exchange Admin Center > Mail Flow > Connectors. Once we did that it worked. We just did the O365 mail Migration yesterday at 4PM Central and this was our first experience with 365. We will definitely come back to your response if we run into similar situations in the future where configuring a connector does not resolve the issue.
Adam BrownSr Solutions ArchitectCommented:
O365's SMTP on port 587 requires authentication, so make sure that's set properly if you're going to go that route, and you need to make sure that the account used to authenticate has permission to send as the From: address. Another option is to use the Direct Send method. For that, you don't need authentication and can send on port 25. It's a better route to go if you don't want to burn a license for SMTP. The server name on that method is going to be
You can use any FROM: address with that method, but you need to make sure the IP address of the ServiceDesk Plus server is whitelisted in the Exchange Online spam filter.
pbhcpaIT DirectorAuthor Commented:
We found the resolution, which was different that what was suggested on this post.
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