remove forgotten password for vba on accdb file.

please help me.
2 years ago i made a database with protected vba(visual basic for application). i put expire date in my its expired !
but i cant remember the password. if i change my computers date to 1 month ago i can open and work with file.
so my question is:
how can i remove vba pass on my file? ( . ACCDB )
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Yes you can. Actually it is quite simple but EE rules don't let us help with cracking.
Just google "bypass vba password".
GHASEM GHIASIAuthor Commented:
my file doesnt need password when i open the file.i just want to open the vba code(password protected) and change the expire date.please let me know how to remove the pass or modify my file.
Scott McDaniel (Microsoft Access MVP - EE MVE )Infotrakker SoftwareCommented:
As Macroshadow said, EE policy does not allow the Experts to help you to crack your password. There are utilities that can do this, but we can't suggest or recommend any.

VBA Passwords are not date-sensitive and do not have an "expire date". In other words, if you set a VBA password, it's set, regardless of the date, and you will always get the prompt until you remove the password. Same goes for a database password - if you set a database password, you'll always get the prompt until you remove it.

The image you show looks like the standard VBA Password window, but it's hard to say.

To remove a VBA password, you just open the VBA Editor and click Tools - <Your Database Name> Properties - Protection, and remove the VBA Password from the "Password to view project properties" box.
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If the password is date sensitive, your own code is displaying the message.  Try resetting the computer date and then examining your code for the procedure that displays the message you posted.
GHASEM GHIASIAuthor Commented:
as can see that if i dont change my dates, we faced the expired program.thats why i want to open my accdb vbafile to change the dates and add some form to my db.
i beg you to help me to solve my Db volume is more than 700mb that i cant upload here.
I told you how to solve it.  Reset your computer date.  Then search for the message in the VBA code.  When you find the code that is generating the message either remove it or modify it so that you can change the expiration data.

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You can try to press SHIFT (press SHIFT, start DB, release SHIFT) when open DB to skip autostarts
GHASEM GHIASIAuthor Commented:
my problem is i dont have the vba password .sheets are protected.i should find the vba pass then change the dates and modify it.
Scott McDaniel (Microsoft Access MVP - EE MVE )Infotrakker SoftwareCommented:
The message stating "This program has expired" has nothing to do with any Access passwords. That appears to be a program evaluation expiration. If so, then the only way to resolve that would be to contact the person you obtained the program through.

No one here can help you circumvent a password. We can give you the steps you can take to remove a database  or VBA password, as provided by Microsoft, but we cannot help you get around the expiration password.
GHASEM GHIASIAuthor Commented:
yes.please give me the steps that i can remove vba password
yes.please give me the steps that i can remove vba password

Read the comment posted first (& seven hours before your last comment) within this thread:

"ID: 42406959"
Scott McDaniel (Microsoft Access MVP - EE MVE )Infotrakker SoftwareCommented:
I told you how to remove a VBA password in my earlier comment:

Those are instructions published by Microsoft, so there is no restriction from providing those.

However, the last message you show (the one that reads "This program has expired") appears to be a message generated by your application, and indicates that the program is no longer valid. We can't help you get around that message, since it would seem to be something the programmer put into the program to protect their intellectual property.

The only way to resolve that is to contact the developer of the application to ask them how to resolve that matter.
GHASEM GHIASIAuthor Commented:
FINALLY i removed the password.
about expired program i found this code and changed the date:

If (Date > #11/19/2017#) Then
thanks for your instruction.
You're welcome.
Instruction given
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