Certificate Microsoft Exchange Server Auth certificate expiry renewal : MS Exchange 2013

Hi ,

I have a got few certificates .
1. "Microsoft Exchange Server Auth certificate" ,
2.Microsoft Exchange.
3.Exchange Delegation Federation.
 certificates which are  going to expire soon on CAS SERVER 1,CAS SERVER 2,MAILBOX SERVER 1 & MAILBOX SERVER 2 of my exchange server 2013 Enterprise in DAG . How do i renew the Certificate or do these certificates really required?

Thanks in adavance,
Sharaf KEXchange 2013 admin & Network AdminAsked:
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MaheshConnect With a Mentor ArchitectCommented:
u only need to renew public certificate installed on CAS servers which is used to access webmail / outlook

u don't need to renew Microsoft exchange certs. Those certs are used by Exchange server for mailbox to mailbox SMTP communication, those certs will be automatically renewed
do not delete these certs or it will create mail flow issues

The federation certificate is used by Exchange hybrid config you might have and it will also automatically renewed
Sharaf KEXchange 2013 admin & Network AdminAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply .So i don't have to worry about renewing these certificates. That's cool. Yes i do renew Certificate from DigiCert every 2 year on my CAS servers .
Best possible option. Provided
Sharaf KEXchange 2013 admin & Network AdminAuthor Commented:
@Mahesh : will see that on cert. expiry day.Thanks mate.
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