Copy Value withing a Field from one record To Multie records

i have one ms access database m it has one table , name tab1 , has around 20,000 records
one field name , "Description" it has different values in each record
i want to do one excersise which is to unifi  the description for similiar values in specific records
if i'm using ms excel , i will perform the task like this :
1- i will sort the table base on the value of the field "Description"
2- for each similiar value , i will copy and past into too many records in one second
how i can do same in access table
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you can do it in queries, type the following in SQL view
Update tab1 set description = 'your description' where ...

Open in new window

Under where clause you have to insert the logic you want use as criteria, for example where MyFieldName = 'abc'
NiceMan331Author Commented:
this is not my question
i know how to update using sql
but here the change should be manually cause have to select specific value and do update step by step
again , in ms excell , you can select one cell , use right click , copy to a selected range of cells
is there any future similiar to this in ms access ?
as i know , is not possible , but just to be sure is really not possible
It is not so simple as in Excel. You should create form, remember field you want duplicate, then select records on this form and change selected fields. Idea for code you can find here
If it is one time task, you can import table to Excel, edit and export back
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NiceMan331Author Commented:
thank u
good answer
but just let me wait if there are any other comment from any other expert , if not , then i will accept your answer
You can paste/export all records to excel, do there all alterations and then have Access read all Excel records line by line and perform updates to the Access table.
In fact I have that in my application, users love it.
See following
2- for each similiar value
What does "similar" mean?  I think we're going to need some concrete examples.  There is an algorithm called SoundX (you can find several different variations if you look) that is used for matching words that sound alike but are spelled differently such as Red and Read.  I don't know if that is what you mean by "similar".  I'm not sure it would work with long phrases but you might be able to come up with something usable by adapting the other code.

PS - I have a bad feeling that your tables look more like spreadsheets than like tables.  You should probably normalize them once you go through this exercise so you don't have to standardize the strings again.
NiceMan331Author Commented:
Hello patherman
yes , you are correct
that exactly what i need
do you any exmaple on how to use this soundx
I searched for you.  

Here is one example.  There are others using slight variations of the algorithm.  Remember, this is intended to work on the names of people and so will probably not be helpful if you are trying to parse a string.  You will need at a minimum to make the generated code longer.  It is also intended to eliminate spelling variations.  As you can see by the link, it was first developed for use with the US Census in the late 19th century.

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If you take my route, everything that Excel has to offer would be avail for you, let me know if need clarification.
NiceMan331Author Commented:
i Appriciated the approch of soundex
i did some work there with sample code
thanx to all
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