Typing text in e-mail

headboards - the kind that they hang n the wall  but can be adapted.

............ I had the word hang spelled wrong, typo. I had hand. I go to change the d to a g and the g replaces an existing space. As I try to continue typing "hang on the wall........" I'm losing a space with every letter or space.
If I try to put an "o" in front of that "n" to end up with "on" the o I type will replace the n. Everything shifts to the left.
The only way to stop this is to use the enter key to move the rest to the next line.

This problem existed many months ago and I can not find the question.
I must have accidentally hit a key on the keyboard to cause this?

It's not happening here it happens in the e-mail program which is on the ISP's website. But that is not the cause because I've used their site for e-mail for over a year and the problem just happened today a couple times.
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Can you try pushing once "Insert" key on your keyboard and give a try

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nickg5Author Commented:
I pushed it once and got no result, so I tried again.

Before your message arrived I tried again and my cursor is highlighting the letter next to the cursor. Therefore when I type the correct letter or to add a letter it erases the highlighted one and everything moves to the left like that.

example: money
I put the cursor to the left of the m to add the number 1, the m is highlighted so the 1 replaces the m and I'm left with 1oney.
Go to File=>Options=>Advanced and check do you have the same selection
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nickg5Author Commented:
The browser is Google Chrome and Office 2007.
I'm not seeing anything like your image and no "file" to get to advanced.
I see advanced in Chrome settings but nothing appears to be what you are seeing.
Do you have the same problem in notepad or it is Word 2007 and Chrome only?
nickg5Author Commented:
I never said it was Word.

It's e-mail program thru the ISP.
In Word it works fine. A strong of letters and I was able to insert the "c's" and that last M kept going to the right like it should.


I have not tried a reboot and the pc has been on since 9am. The two instances occurred after 2pm. Reboot may fix it.
nickg5Author Commented:
the incident did not occur again.
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