lot of emails are getting stuck in submission queue length lately  on our exchange 2010 dag server

is there any reason we need to look

like Retry Remote Delivery Queue Length-7008
Aggregate Delivery Queue Length (All Queues)
Statistic      5618
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Scott CSenior Systems EnginerCommented:
As was suggested, check for backpressure.  How much free disk space do you have?  However, backpressure usually on kicks in for incoming emails to protect the server from running out if disk space.

Sometimes kicking the Transport service will get things moving.
IvanSystem EngineerCommented:

what does a queue viewer says? Usually there is at least some info.

Are you ok with resources, maybe back pressure is happening?

AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
99% your next hop might not be responding or down. What is your next hop? ISP?
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pramod1Author Commented:
it is internal to exchange server as per nature of queue reported from hub to mailbox
AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
I advise you to restart the services on that server and check, if that helps.
pramod1Author Commented:
which services?
pramod1Author Commented:
u mean transport service but how that will help?
The emails are "usually" get stuck in a particular queue, unless as indicated above, there's a back-pressure issue on the server.
In order to get some details as to the reason execute:
Get-Queue "queue name" | fl 

Open in new window

It would list every single message in the queue with details as to the reason why sending is delayed.
You can stop the execution of the command and inspect the details.
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