Scheduled Task / Hide cmd box from popping up during .bat launch

Anyway to have the .bat run completely hidden in the scheduled task? Even though I have "Hidden" checked there still a brief cmd pop up that shows up.
Trying to have the .bat script run fully hidden.
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Bill PrewCommented:
I don't think so, I've poked at this before.  I have read that if you check "run whether user is logged on or not" in Task Scheduler settings for the job that can get around this.  But that didn't work well for me.

I ended up using NirCmd for this, it's a neat small freeware utility and if you use it to launch the BAT file no screen "flash" appears.  Use a command line like this in Task Scheduler:

c:\yourpath\nircmd.exe exec hide "c:\yourpath\yourfile.bat"

Shaun VermaakTechnical Specialist/DeveloperCommented:
It should be hidden if running as a different user
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