If I remove an ipad from my devices in appleid.apple.com can I resell the device as a bland with no ID ?

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So if I "remove" this device can I log in as anyone then on the ipad?  In other words can it be sold without giving the new owner any details?

It has a new operating system and I havnt logged in yet.  

Sylvaine's iPad
Model: iPad mini
Version:iOS 9.3.5
Serial number: F7QLKQ******

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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)
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It has a new operating system and I havnt logged in yet.      <-- If nothing there, you can remove the device and sell it.
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Yes, you can.
If you'll reset tablet to factory default settings and update new OS, then anyone can authorize it on hes new account.
I did it many times and had no problem at all.
You'll get problem only if tablet/phone is locked because of report of lost or stolen.
I know the original owner and I ha e access to their iCloud and Apple ID a account

The user name and password refuse to be accepted on the iPad even though I can log in on the www

It's not listed under Devices for the Apple ID
Jackie Man IT Manager
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In such case, it is hardware error.

I am handling a similar case like yours. An iPad Mini 2 with water damage shows nothing on screen but when connect to iTunes in Windows PC, it shows a pattern of Apple ID but the credential is not accepted. The iPad Mini 2 is not in the device list in Find my iPhone also.

I will update you when I solved the problem.


Any update on this Jackie Mann ?

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