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SMB troubleshooting

I have a very weird problem with SMB shares, never have experienced this.
From some branch offices, Windows 10 users cannot access shares on Windows 2012 servers. But Windows 7 users don't have issue on accessing shares.
If the testing is done from another branch office, both Windows 7 and 10 users dont' have issue on accessing shares.
It seems it's obvious it's network issue, but as the same test is done while all ports open temporary in firewall, windows 10 users can't access the shares from the branch to the file server. We have man-in-the-middle device, Riverbed, but as I confirmed with the Riverbed maintainer, SMB Optimization is turned off.  

I ran wireshark for analyzing, but it doesn't show much. The only thing shows is, the user side 'reset' session right after 3 way handshakes.

I drilled down SMB signing matters, it's not the issue, just to rule out it.
Both client and servers are set as singing allowed, but not required. In fact, Windows 10 users in the branch where the file servers are located, have no same issue accessing shares.

Is there any tool other than Wireshark which can analyze and troubleshoot SMB traffic in detail?
It seems network issue, but can't pinpoint the issue.
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