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Outlook 2016 Preview for Excel Docs

Hello there,

I am dealing with a user where not able to figure out why Exel preview in Outlook 2016 keep freezing for some reason.
When the user click on it through his Outlook to preview in the email, it sometimes shows up fine but some time the whole outlook freezes and circle against the excel preview. Clicking around various tabs does nothing and even waiting for some time doesnt help to recover. Once Outlook stops responding, I end task it. Reopen Outlook and try and same thing.

I tried Quick repair and Online repair but same issue.  I verified that the excel files are not bg ( about 50 kb ) , doesnt have any macros in it and is simple excel file.  

I tried Windows Previewer and after online repair its behaving much better but sometime freezes on certain excel previews. He wants Outlook preview to be resolved.

The user is very frustrated and want the preview to work. There are no other issues on his computer.  

Let me know if any suggestions.


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