Quickbooks 2003 Pro not working when computer upgraded to Win 10

I know I need to update my QB to work on Windows 10 but my old laptop WAS using Windows 7 and I mistakenly allowed it to upgrade to Win 10  Now I cannot get QB2003 to open and work.  Is there a way where I can get all my data back?  
I do NOT need the latest and greatest Quickbooks (simply used for home and record keeping for my home based business) so what suggestions would you suggest.  
Thank you in advance
Mike JansenAsked:
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Run qb incompatibility mode.
Contact intuit and you can use the upgrade method to ringette 2017 if desired.

But compatibility mode should get it to work.
Mike JansenAuthor Commented:
No, because I realized this was the problem AFTER roughly 3 months.  I want to recover the DATA I have in QB,
Make sense?
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The data is in the company file and is not an issue of potential loss.
What happens when you start qb? Do you get an error referring to missing DLL, etc.
In order for us to be able to provide some insight on how you might be able to regain access, we need info on what happens when you start qb
Any chance you still have an image backup of your win7 system?
Of course, compatibility mode should be tried for quickbooks 2003. You could as well install a virtual machine with win7, though this would mean to buy another windows license.
Mike JansenAuthor Commented:
It's all in my company name because I run various checking and savings accounts thru it.  I honestly use different checking accounts for business and personal so no comingling.  
When I double click the icon it opens for a half second and then goes away like it was never opened.
Mike JansenAuthor Commented:
Sorry, I'm not too computer literate so what is an image backup?  Probably not
Mike JansenAuthor Commented:
Also, looking in my control panel it does show a back up and restore Windows 7 icon
Image backups can be created using windows' own backup engine or using tools. If you don't know that, surely you won't have one.
Ok, please test compatibility mode now: https://www.laptopmag.com/articles/set-compatibility-mode-windows-10
Edit: the icon you see does not mean you have a win7 backup, but that there still is an imaging option like win7 had. Win10 calls it "image backup (windows 7)".
Mike JansenAuthor Commented:
I ran the program compatibility program and it tried fixing it.  Same issue, the screen briefly appears and then it goes away.  The program compatibiilty troubleshooter says:
Issues found
Incompatible program      NOT FIXED
Right click and select run compatibility

The issue you reporting is ..

Laternatively, how you are starting the application, right click, selecting properties, compatibility and set it to run in Windows 7 mode and see if it fixes it.

Hopefully you have the qb installer if needed. ..

The company files can be copied including the tlg (transaction,  that can be copied (do not move, leave the existing copy where it is)
In a situation like this the issue was that it tries and fails to open the last opened company file.

Do you have the qb2003 install media? Do you have another system?

Another option,locate the company file and try opening tab for that point, I.e. Open company file using qb....
Mike JansenAuthor Commented:
Ok, I right clicked the icon on my desktop.  In the properties I set it to run Windows 7 mode and same thing.  It opens up the home screen and then it disappears once again.  

it there a way to copy the company files (kinda like a back up) and then I'll go and purchase the new version of QB I need and go from there?

again, thank you all for the suggestions
Mike JansenAuthor Commented:
Sorry I do have the QB2003 disk still
try to open the company file ..
the point being when you try to open quickbooks, it is trying to open the company file and crashes because of that. the issue is that it is unclear which ..
if you go to where the company file is stored, possibly within my documents/documents and right click on the company file and open using quickbooks.

do you have another system on which quickbooks is installed and to which a copy of the company file can be carried and opened?
Mike JansenAuthor Commented:
I have to head to a client and won't be looking at this for a few hours.  Keep you posted.  However.... All I have now are 2010 Windows computers!  Nothing with 7 on.  I'll check the actual file when I return...
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
The QBW files are not tied to QuickBooks - just opened by QuickBooks.

Backup your QBW and TLG files as suggested above to a secure location.

Now get a new copy of QuickBooks (V2017 or V2018) and try to open the file

If the file will not open, you may need Intuit Support to take the file and upgrade it for you.

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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
QB V2003 does NOT work on Windows 10 and must be upgraded.
If the new version cannot now open the file, then it needs to be fixed by Intuit Support.
I have done this lots and this question should not be deleted.

https:#a42408437 is a Good Answer. There are other good assists as well.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Suggest split http:#a42408437 as a known answer and https:#a42408260 as an assist.
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