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Brother HL-2270DW Printer connection issues

Starting a few weeks ago, users have been complaining that their printers aren't printing right away, and that sometimes it takes a little while to print all the documents sent to them. So I would just have them turn the printer off then back on and the issue would be fixed. But then more users of the same printer model were saying it's been happening to them too, and since it eventually prints, they didn't say anything. So I logged in to the print server (windows server 2012 std) and noticed these printers would show Offline then back to Ready quite often. I then started to ping them and sure enough, the replies were spotty. Tried different troubleshooting steps, turned off snmp, reset them to factory settings, I have a reservation for the IP in DHCP but it wasn't set to static so I changed them to static, turned off APIPA, even changed them to full duplex instead of AUTO, nothing fixed the issue. This was all last week, today I came in and set the ping with a -t and decided to see what happens when I access the printer web site and/or print to it and sure enough, I get replies all until I access the website or send a print job or access printer properties, then it times out. It's only with this model, I have 6 of these printers a 6-7 others that work just fine. Also, we've had these printers for years working just fine in our network. Have any of you run in to this issue?
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