Hi, I am trying to return a result depending on a drop down list (in google sheets/excel).

Maddison Lake
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Hi, I am trying to return a result depending on a drop down list (in google sheets).'

For instance, here's the values in the drop down list:
Standard Class Imprint = .281
Standard Class Live Stamp = .281
First Class Imprint Letter = .455
First Class Indicia = .455
First Class Imprint Card = .284
Standard Class Indicia .281

I have been trying something like =IF(OR(C6="Standard Class Imprint",C6="First Class Imprint Card"),".281",".284") etc etc, but I cannot get it to work, it either errors out, or only chooses the first result.
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this should work well:

=IF(OR(C6="Standard Class Imprint",C6="Standard Class Live Stamp",C6="Standard Class Indicia"),".281",IF(OR(C6="First Class Imprint Letter",C6="First Class Indicia"),".455",IF(C6="First Class Imprint Card",".284", "")))

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Thanks Ryan! Worked like a charm!
Rob HensonFinance Analyst

Maybe shorter:

=INDEX({0.281;0.281;0.455;0.455;0.284;0.281},MATCH(C6,{"Standard Class Imprint";"Standard Class Live Stamp";"First Class Imprint Letter";"First Class Indicia";"First Class Imprint Card";"Standard Class Indicia"},0))



Where I4:I9 is list of values (0.281 etc) and H4:H9 is list of descriptions (Standard Class etc).

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