I need to validate textarea in that we are giving mobile number seperated by comma

  if ($opt_selected=="y")
                        $errorMessage = "";
                        $phone = $_POST['phone'];

                        $myString = $phone;
                        // print_r($myString);

                        $myArray = explode(',', $myString);
                        $myArray = array_unique($myArray);
                       // $myArray1=preg_match("/^\?\d[0-9]{12}/", $myArray);
                        foreach ($myArray as $myArrays)
                              if(preg_match("/^\?\d[0-9]{12}/", $myArrays[0])!==false)
                              $ins="INSERT INTO `codexworld`.`valid_num`(`phone`)
                              VALUES ('$myArrays')";
                              $test=mysqli_query($db,$ins) or die(mysqli_error($db));
                                echo "Not valid";


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the above is my php code ,I need to validate textarea in that we are giving mobile number separated by comma so i'm validating each number should have 12 digit number(including country code) if it is validated correct then insert into table otherwise it should give error message. so what I'm doing in above code is that correct? or what i should do change in that
shruti Aweb developerAsked:
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David FavorLinux/LXD/WordPress/Hosting SavantCommented:
At first glance your code looks good.

Only question relates to your database INSERT, which appears to add all phone numbers provided to a column which can support this type of INSERT.

Since you don't really say what problem you think your code is having, maybe this is the problem.

Simple debug approach, is just to print out all the individual numbers which your code finds as valid.

Also double check your database schema to ensure your INSERT will actually accomplish what you're after.
NerdsOfTechTechnology ScientistCommented:
first let's debug your REGEX:


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This present regex expects a ? (question mark) delimiter, a single digit, followed by 12 more digits. I think this is the main problem. Rather, you should be searching for 12 digit sequences

The following matches 12 digits exactly:

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You will probably want to use preg_match_all() as well in your case.

Lastly, you could insert all of the phones at once (one INSERT query):

$error = '';
$subject = '123456789012, 123456789013, 123456789014';
$pattern = '/\d{12}/';
preg_match_all($pattern, $subject, $matches);
$ins='INSERT INTO `codexworld`.`valid_num`(`phone`) VALUES ';
 foreach($matches[0] as $value){
  $ins .= "('$value'),";	
 $ins = substr($ins, 0, -1); //remove trailing comma
 $error = 'Error: no matches found';

 $test=mysqli_query($db,$ins) or die(mysqli_error($db));	
 echo $error;

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sample resultant SQL of $ins:
INSERT INTO `codexworld`.`valid_num`(`phone`) VALUES ('123456789012'),('123456789013'),('123456789014')

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NerdsOfTechTechnology ScientistCommented:
RegEx provided and OP endorsed
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