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Im wondering if anyone has had the same scenario and whether they have a workable solution.  

If someone sends an inbound email to my company with an attachment that is too large for my receive connectors we wont know that its been rejected.  What we would ideally like is for either the recipient or the external sender to be sent an alert to tell them that their message has been rejected, and the reason being is that their attachment is over our accepted limit.


Fing wongAsked:
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Fing wongAuthor Commented:
This was what I was after:-


New-TransportRule -Name LargeAttach -AttachmentSizeOver 10MB -RejectMessageReasonText "Message attachment size over 10MB - email rejected."
CESNetwork AdministratorCommented:
Your server should automatically be seining NDRs, with an error message that indicates just that.  Unfortunately end users typically get confused by all the jargon and need someone on the IT team to deciper it
Fing wongAuthor Commented:
Is there a way I can check whether my server is sending those NDR's, apart from just sending a test email with a large attachment to it.
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CESNetwork AdministratorCommented:
Launch the 'Exchange Management Console'
Expand the 'Organization Configuration' folder
Click on 'Hub Transport'
Select 'Remote Domains'
Right-click Default and select 'Properties'
Click on the 'Message Format' tab
Ensure the tick is enabled on on Allow non-delivery reports
Fing wongAuthor Commented:
Sorry Im running Exch 2013, not 2010.
Fing wongAuthor Commented:
Found exactly what i was looking for myself
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