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Remotely Add a PC to the domain

I've trying to use powershell to add a machine to the domain.  The local accounts are locked, the local administrator account is disabled and it's doesn't see the domain.  I'm was trying to use powershell Remotely because It's impossible to do it any other way..
add-computer -computername (nameofmachine) -domainname (name of the domain) - credential (my credentials)
It now working.  Is there anyway to do this remotely???
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Hello There

Add-Computer only works on the local computer, you can’t use it to add a remote machine. So you need to get some script.

E.g. this one.

Or maybe this topic can help you.
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That's not really the issue.  The local accounts are all locked and I can't get on the machine.  I was trying to add the machine to the domain or jjoin the machine to the domain with a remote command to get it back on the domain so I can get in it
What about team viewer QS ?
You can ask user to download TV QS run it and give you access to through TeamViewer free edition.
You going to be able connect remotely and add computer to domain
OK but if I can't get on the machine, a) how can I install that, b)I still will not be able to get in.
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Giridhara Raam M
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OK will do thanks.
That worked but it's not my first choice.  I'd rather see if I can create a script for this.
You could try booting to a CD/DVD or USB drive with a tool that will allow you to change the local admin password for the system partition.  There are several tools available to do that. Google and take your pick.
yeah if a tool can do it then a script of your own could do it... its all ones and zeros.
OK I'll look into that thanks.