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Good Evening,

I was unable to receive mail from the internet but can send mail to the internet. I would be very happy if you can help me out. I am studying for the exam 70-341. I really want to understand the practical aspect of the course (how mail flow from external mail to internal mail) and not just to pass the exam

I am testing Exchange Server 2013 using home Lab.

I have static IP address which i use to configure NAT to enable all my VM have direct access to the internet.

I have a domain name and SSL Certificate which i bought from Godaddy.

I have a Edge Server with one (1) NIC which is a member of a Workgroup but using the same gateway IP on my internal network.

I run a test using Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer the Outbound SMTP Email pass the test successfully but the Inbound SMTP Email test Fail. The Outlook Connectivity also fail the test.

The result of both test is attached for your view.

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Tom CieslikIT EngineerCommented:
Did you configured Send Connector in Mail Flow section of Exchange server ECP ?

also to be able to send emails and not be rejected make sure you have configured TXT (SRV) record in your external DNS record
FOXActive Directory/Exchange EngineerCommented:
Did you set up your receive connector?
ref link:
ayomideAuthor Commented:
I have created SRV record and also configured my EdgeSync
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Arif KhanSystem AdministratorCommented:
First  verify below.
1. Verify your MX record
2. Check NAT of Exchange public IP with local ip.
3. You need not setup receive connector as default are enough to accepted email.
4. Verify your DNS public Ip(owa) and ensure that proper IP is NAT.
5. After sending email, are you getting any bounce back msg, if yes then post here
ayomideAuthor Commented:
Tom did a good job. I do really appreciate the time he devoted to solve my question. This forum is a very useful forum.
Tom CieslikIT EngineerCommented:
You are very welcome my friend.
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