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I would like to calculate % change from last year in column I and need some help with the formula.

Here is my excel table

Here is my formula that i have in cell I6.

How can i make it that if cell D6 is blank then the default value in Column I cell I6 is 100%

All cell format types are set to "Accounting"
TroyIT Support AdministratorAsked:
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Bill PrewCommented:
Is there a zero in D6, seems like there must be.  Keep in mind, the sheet can be set in options not to display cells that are zero, but show them as blank.  To cover both cases try:


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Bill PrewCommented:
Try this:


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(assuming you have that column formatted as a percentage and 1 is 100%.  If not change the 1 to 100)

TroyIT Support AdministratorAuthor Commented:
didnt work. This is what shows in the cell

You can use IFERROR to handle a blank cell:


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