Excel 2013 Keeps Locking Up

This happened for this user 6 months ago. Never did figure out the cause. It just started working again. The problem is back. The spreadsheets are on the server. Windows 10 Professional Workstation. Office 2013. Excel just locks up. He has four spreadsheets open.

Any suggestions? Where does Excel keep its temp files?
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Chris HConnect With a Mentor Infrastructure ManagerCommented:
Excel creates the temp files side by side the original, even on network files.

Have you tried running updates?  I've seen this issue as well.  Maybe try removing your antivirus temporarily to see if the problems are related.

Does the user use any macros, vb or ODBC connections?
Ejgil HedegaardConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It is a known issue for Excel 2013, and there is not just one solution.

Google "Excel 2013 freezes" and you get many hits.
The most common suggestions are to change the default printer or update driver, disable add-ins, remove files from XLSTART, run a quick-fix, and at the end, remove and reinstall Office.

See this answer from Microsoft support, where there are several suggestions.
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