Download a older version of Apple Configurator to a MacBook

I have a MacBook with OS X 10.7.5
I'm trying to download Apple Configurator and it says I need at least 10.12.5.

I tried running software update on the MacBook and it says it has the latest version OS... so I'm assuming that 10.7.5 is the latest the hardware will support.

Does anyone know of somewhere to download an older version of Apple Configurator that will run on my OS.
My ultimate goal is to configure an IPAD in a very specific way... which is supposedly (as per those on EE) done with Apple Configurator.
Just to clarify.... this is my first Mac computer.   So please be gentle.  :o)
Thanks in advance.
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David FavorLinux/LXD/WordPress/Hosting SavantCommented:
OSX 10.7.5 (Lion) is very old. Apple's EOL (End of Life) docs are difficult to decipher. Looks like Lion hit EOL in 2015.

If you're trying to work with Macs + you're a newbie, mucking around with outdated OSX releases tends to be very complex.

If you have unlimited free time, you'll be fine.

If you're actually trying to be productive, start with a newer Mac + latest OSX release.

If you purchase a new or used Mac from Apple, you can usually get 18+ months zero interest purchases.

If you must use an old Mac to do what you're trying to do, then open an Apple developer account (free) + post a request for information to Apple. Be prepared to wait. Might be days or months or never till Apple responds. I've had questions open for 5+ years with no response.

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TechGuiseAuthor Commented:

Thanks David, not what I wanted to hear.   I should have done more reading before grabbing this old thing off of ebay.    I didn't take the time to read whether High Sierra is new or Lion is old.    Feels more like I have "Wildabeast"....

So I might try opening a developer account & going that route....   Hard to believe that someone, somewhere doesn't have an old version of Apple Configurator posted for download.   At least in the evil empire of Bill Gates' world that's what would be the fix.
David FavorLinux/LXD/WordPress/Hosting SavantCommented:
I know.

Tough sharing bad news.

Hah! Or Yak.

Keep in mind, OSX releases are free from Apple.

Depending on the date of your hardware release will determine what OS version you can use.

Since you have Yak, er I mean Lion... You'll require downloading + running installers manually. provides all OSX downloads.

BTW... more bad news... I would never install any code I purchased of Ebay or anywhere except Apple... because...

OSX is free + acquiring/installing a disk from a non-Apple source... well... could be anything on the disk...

I'd do a complete disk wipe + install OSX from scratch.

The way you do this is download latest installer, starting with High Sierra + if you get a message saying your hardware is to old, then download the next most recent installer.

Keep doing this till you get an installer that runs.

Then, before you install, run the Disk Utility + partition your entire disk. This will obliterate any old installation files + do a fresh install, when your run the installer.

And... seriously... If I were doing a project meant to produce income, just start with a new or used Mac from the Apple website.

If you start with recent hardware + a recent OS, you'll have a much more pleasant experience completely your project.
OS X Lion was released in 2011.  It's better for systems that aren't the i3,i5,i7 series.  If your Mac has one of those CPUs, then you should probably just upgrade to High Sierra if you have 8 GB RAM.  If you have less than 6 GB, then you should just stick with Lion.

You might try and see which version works for you.  I normally would not link an ad-laden download aggregator, but there's no other source available.
Aapo PuskalaCommented:
Apple allows downloading older versions of applications, but only when you have downloaded any version beforehand. If you have not downloaded the app, you're stuck, as you've seen.

I came up with a simple solution, and tested it, and it works. I've tested with Maverics (which had the same problem you described). Please try and tell us if this worked.

First, get access to a High Sierra machine. Open App Store, log on with your own account and install the most recent version of Apple Configurator on that machine.

Next, log on to App Store on your old, Maverics machine using the same App Store account. Try to install Apple Configurator. It'll say that the most recent version does not work on your OS, and will let you download the older version (2.3) instead.

Sometimes I hate Apple, and this is one of those cases. Fortunately there is a workaround.
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