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I'm wanting to set a background color in my report to turn red if one condition is like "DOM" and a second condition is either "USA" or "SEECERT".  I have tried to get the syntax correct and haven't figured it out.

=iif(Fields!item_id.Value) Like "%DOM%" AND (Fields!coo.Value <> "USA" OR Fields!coo.Value <> "SEECERT"), 'Red', 'No Color'

Using Visual Studio 2012
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ValentinoVBI ConsultantCommented:
Try replacing or with and
Vaibhav GoelMSBI , SQL ConsultantCommented:
Hello ITworks

Please make an attempt to use changed code ->

=iif(Fields!item_id.Value Like "*DOM*" AND (Fields!coo.Value <> "USA" OR Fields!coo.Value <> "SEECERT"), 'Red', 'No Color')

Or Make an attempt for below

=iif(Fields!item_id.Value Like "%DOM%" AND (Fields!coo.Value <> "USA" OR Fields!coo.Value <> "SEECERT"), 'Red', 'No Color')

ValentinoVBI ConsultantCommented:
SSRS expressions and SQL are two different languages. Both the Q and the first A contain a mix of both. SSRS expressions are actually based on VB.NET.  Try using InStr instead of LIKE.

Also, that OR condition in combination with <> doesn't make sense. Depending on what you want it should either be AND or <> should be =.

=iif(InStr(Fields!item_id.Value, "DOM") AND (Fields!coo.Value <> "USA" AND Fields!coo.Value <> "SEECERT"), 'Red', 'No Color')

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=iif(InStr(Fields!item_id.Value, "DOM") AND (Fields!coo.Value = "USA" OR Fields!coo.Value = "SEECERT"), 'Red', 'No Color')

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ITworksAuthor Commented:
None of the solutions provided worked.  I would always get an error BC30201.

The ItemID field is a varchar40
The coo field is a varchar255

I'm using Visual Studio 2012

I am entering this expression in the FILL section of Text Box Properties

I want to be able to change the color if the ITEMID contains the characters "DOM" in it and the coo is NOT either "USA" or "SEECERT"

"DOM" is an abbreviation for domestic.  "DOM" can be anywhere within the field.  Examples are:

The coo field stands for country of origin.  Examples of this field are:

My goal is to be able to quickly show the report reader an Item ID that is supposed to be domestic having a coo something other than USA or SEECERT.
ITworksAuthor Commented:
I'm closer.  I don't have errors but I'm not getting the results how I expected them to be.   I have the following expression in my FILL

=iif(Fields!item_id.Value Like ("*DOM*")  AND
(Fields!coo.Value <> "USA" or Fields!coo.Value <> "SEECERT"), "Red", "No Color")

My results show RED Fill on these two items:

150C450B3N/DOM  COO = CHINA so I expect that to be Red
150C475B3N/DOM COO-USA is also Red but this shouldn't be Red because it lists USA as the COO
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