migration endpoint error

when i try to make a new migration endpoint i get the following error.

Warning Your server settings can not be detected. Enter the settings. The settings of the ExchangeRemote endpoint could not be determined with the Auto Tracking response. No MRSProxy was found that was performed on 'mail.domain.nl'.
External MRS proxy server:
The FQDN of the Exchange server on which the mailbox replication service (MRS) proxy is located.

does somebody know a solution for this

im running a windows server 2012 R2 with exchange 2010.
Joris DijkAsked:
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have you enabled MRSproxy under EWS virtual directory on CAS server?
Enable it

Also autodiscover record must exists
Joris DijkAuthor Commented:
i have used the hybrid configuration wizard that should enable MRS proxy right?
there is an autodiscover record
Yes, wizard would enable that as long as it is able to find out CAS server via autodiscover
Can you verify if MRS Proxy is enabled under EWS virtual directory
Also from where you are running Hybrid wizard, it should be run from Exchange server itself
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Joris DijkAuthor Commented:
mrs proxy
im running the wizard on the exchange server.
Sunil ChauhanLead AdministratorCommented:
if all is setup correctly then plz make sure you are using the correct URL which points to your hybrid servers and the same is accessible from outside.
Joris DijkAuthor Commented:
when i make a migration endpoint i cant give a url
Shreedhar EtteCommented:
Please execute this command and share the output:
Test-MigrationServerAvailability –ExchangeRemoteMove –Autodiscover –EmailAddress user-on-premises@domain.com

Make sure to replace "user-on-premises@domain.com" with actual user account.
Shreedhar EtteCommented:
Also Restart the Mailbox Replication service on exchange server and try creating migration endpoint.
Joris DijkAuthor Commented:
when i use the command i get the following result.

RunspaceId         : 49aad287-9ddd-4377-9cd4-73ee586c9c1c
Result             : Failed
Message            : AutoDiscover failed with a configuration error: The migration service failed to detect the migrati
                     on endpoint using the Autodiscover service. Consider using the Exchange Remote Connectivity Analyz
                     er (https://testexchangeconnectivity.com) to diagnose the connectivity issues.
ConnectionSettings :
SupportsCutover    : False
ErrorDetail        : internal error:Microsoft.Exchange.Migration.AutoDiscoverFailedConfigurationErrorException: Automat
                     isch opsporen is mislukt met een configuratiefout: Het migratie-eindpunt is niet gedetecteerd met
                     de service Automatisch opsporen. U kunt eventueel Exchange Remote Connectivity Analyzer (https://t
                     estexchangeconnectivity.com) gebruiken om de connectiviteitsproblemen vast te stellen.
                        at Microsoft.Exchange.Migration.DataAccessLayer.MigrationEndpointBase.InitializeFromAutoDiscove
                     r(MigrationEndpoint presentationObject, SmtpAddress emailAddress, Boolean acceptUntrustedCertifica
                        at Microsoft.Exchange.Management.Migration.MigrationService.Endpoint.TestMigrationServerAvailab
IsValid            : True
Identity           :
ObjectState        : New

the message is for a part in dutch but the english part is the same as the dutch part
Joris DijkAuthor Commented:
the restart of the mail box replication service did nothing
Sunil ChauhanLead AdministratorCommented:
as per the error logs you posted, its seems to be the issue with your autodiscovery please check on the same.
Joris DijkAuthor Commented:
the connectivety test for autodiscover passed so its configured the right way
Shreedhar EtteCommented:
Joris DijkAuthor Commented:
thanks Shreedhar Ette!!

i fixed it it was a problem with IIS. ther was a 405 error the fix works as following.

Note Before you follow these steps, back up your IIS configuration.

To resolve this issue, run the ServiceModelReg.exe –r command to reinstall the handler mappings in IIS. To do this, follow these steps:
On the Exchange Server 2010 hybrid server, open a Command Prompt window, and then move to the following folder:

C:\Windows\Microsoft.Net\Framework\v3.0\Windows Communication Foundation\
Type the following command, and then press Enter:

ServiceModelReg.exe –r

Note You may have to restart IIS after you run this command.

I discoverd the problem when i used the page to trouble shoot.

i revieuwed my IIS logs and found that there was a 405 error

then i looked up for the fix and it worked

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Joris DijkAuthor Commented:
the final fix is in my own comment
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