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VMware Storage Replication Adapter setup

I have installed Site Recovery Manager and the Storage Replication Adapter at both my production and recovery sites.  After pairing my production and DR sites I am trying to setup storage replication (NetApp in my case).  When I select the production or DR site and select the SRA tab the status shows a warning of "Unable to find SRA at the paired site", because of this error I cannot pair the SRA's.  I haven't found much information on this error, but I did come across this article:

The article talks about setting the environment variable for PERL but doesn't give any examples of what that variable should be.  Could the PERL variable be the cause of my problem? and if so how do I correctly set the variable path?  Any other suggestions on what might be causing this issue would be appreciated.  Thanks.
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The article link doesn't appear to be showing in my first post, here it is again:
Is there anyone with a working Site Recovery Manager server that could let me know what the environment variables should be for a Windows server running SRM 6.1?  

For reference the environment variables for my SRM servers are below:


I think there may be a missing variable for Perl (as per article already linked) but I can't work out what this could be.
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Hey thanks very much for this, my problem was that I missed the 'rescan SRAs' step.  The SRA's are now detected at both sites, however, when I try and create an array manager I now get the following error:

Create Array Manager

SRA command 'discoverArrays' failed.

Authentication failed.
Invalid management IP address and/or invalid credentials. Ensure that you provide the correct management IP address with a valid username and password.

I've checked the cluster management IP, username and password and they are all correct.
I did find this article:

But I'm using clustered ontap 9.1, not 7-mode, so I don't think there are equivalents of the httpd.admin.access or httpd.admin.enable options in C-DOT anymore.
Due to the complex nature of Site Recovery Manager, and the Risk to Business it needs to work, when enacting DR, please Escalate to VMware Support.

Or, you could engage with VMware Experts on EE, via a Gig or Live.
I missed a configuration step on the SRA virtual appliance