my Submission Queue Length everyday shows 300 to 400 mails which  get an alert from SCOM

is that some thing to do with corrupt mail.que, if s how can I repair it
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Adam BrownSenior Systems AdminCommented:
Repairing a mail.que file is as simple as stopping the transport service, deleting/moving the .que file, then starting transport service. This will force a new file to be created. You will want to make sure the queue is empty before doing this, though.

That said, you will want to check the mail queue when the alert goes of to see what messages are getting caught in the queue. It's possible that the transport service isn't getting enough resources to function when your backup kicks off, or the drive is running below the space requirements for the system drive and the backup is clearing something that fixes that. Timing of the alert is key information here.

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Arif KhanSystem AdministratorCommented:
I m not much aware about SCOM, but if you think its because of mail.que, then pause Exchange transport service, wait till mails get clear from que, once que is 0 then stop transport service, rename queue folders and start transport service again, it will recreate it. Give a try nothing is loss
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