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Open a file for editing and saving using shiny

I can upload a into RStudio server using shiny.  However, I cannot open the file for editing and saving for processing by the R code.  Apparently, the randsontable library function ransdontable() takes as input a dataframe.  I am using the code below: DF = as.data.frame(read.delim(inFile$datapath))
    rhandsontable(DF, width = 550, height = 300)

but I get the message:

Warning: Error in as.data.frame.default: cannot coerce class "c("rhandsontable", "htmlwidget")" to a data.frame

Is there a solution for this, or is there any other way to open and edit file using shiny?

My code was completely wrong. If anyone wants to find more about the R rhandsontable, please post a question. I will be happy to help.
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