Preventing a Non-NAS Network Hard Drive HDD from Sleeping - Router attached

Hi All -
I am having trouble keeping my connection to an External HDD on my Home network after a while. (Plugged into the main Router via it's USB3 post, not NAS, cannot browse to HDD from Windows or Mac).  I've narrowed the problem down to this: after a while, the LED in the drive is off, and if I unplug/replug it's USB3 cable running from the Router to the Drive, it starts working again. So I suspect that I have a "HDD going into sleep mode" issue.
Does anyone have any advice or solutions for something like this?
I was guessing:
1. Switch to SSD Drive - Do they go to sleep also?
2. Connect HDD to a Computer and not thru a Router connection
3. Spend $$$ and get an NAS
4. I hear there is SW that continually pings a drive to keep it awake. (Sounds a little too much of a bandaid solution for my taste, but whatever works)
5. Different Brand of External HDD?
Some Details:
I have a basic Home Network - Cable Modem into Airport Extreme router into  a TP-Link Managed Switch, and wired/wifi throughout the house, using and  couple of Access Points with same SSID (Airport Express's).
HDD is a LaCie portable 2TB External drive. Just bought it, happy to return it if there is a better drive for this issue.

Thanks in advance for any help!
- B
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Have you tried using Advanced Power Settings and tweaking HDD settings there?
bleggeeAuthor Commented:
Yes, though I am actually using a Mac, I set those 2 equivalent Power Settings to "Never Sleep".
bleggeeAuthor Commented:
Actually I just edited the question for clarification above .... I had forgotten myself that I have the issue using Mac OR Windows!
Added Clarification:
Plugged into the main Router via it's USB3 post, not NAS, cannot browse to HDD from Windows or Mac
To Troubleshot, I had additionally tried plugging the HDD into a Mac & had the same problem.
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