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I have a Dell server running 2012R2. The server has 4 Virtual disks. The 2 I am asking about are just 0 and 1 which are setup using the same 2 physical hard drives. I did not set this up. The other virtual are 1 raid 10 with 2tb of storage and another raid 1 with 538GB of storage. The user added 2 additional 538GB hard drives which have not been activated yet. They want to expand the storage of the E:\ partition. I am trying to do this in the easiest but best recommended method possible. We will complete a full backup prior to doing anything. Should I create a new partition with the 2 new drives and just attach them via windows to the E:\ Partition? Because of how these 2 physical drives were split up I am not sure how to do this with the least amount of user interruption and/or downtime.

Virtual Disk 0 [ Raid 1] (Contains C:\ partition (80GB) and G:\ Partition (200GB)
 - Physical Disk 0:1:0 (538GB)
 - Physical Disk 0:1:1 (538GB)
Virtual Disk 1 [Raid 1] (Contains E:\ Partition (358GB)
 - Physical Disk 0:1:0 (538GB)
 - Physical Disk 0:1:1 (538GB)

Virtual Disk 2 [ Raid 10] (Contains D:\ parition (2.1TB)

Virtual Disk 3 [ Raid 1]
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andyalderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Unfortunately you cannot expand a sliced array with Dell PERC controllers so the easiest solution is probably to convert to dynamic and then add the new array as an additional span.
ITIExperts1Author Commented:
Is this do-able without losing data? I was thinking of doing it through windows instead of through the dell raid controller but do you think that's not wise? I am coming into this way late in the game.
As I said before you can't do it with the controller as the array is sliced into two logical disks. You have to span the disks using Windows.

An alternate to span is to use a mount point for a big directory on E:, mount points are described here:  Anything on the mounted directory is actually stored on the extra disks.
Gerald ConnollyCommented:
And as i am sure you aware, don't attempt this until you have a verified Full backup  (NB all backups are Schrodinger's until Verified)!
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