SharePoint Designer Error Message

I manage a SharePoint 2010 Site Collection and have Full Control. I use SharePoint Designer to assist with many of my builds.

Recently, SharePoint Designer no longer works for me and gives the following error message:

"Microsoft SharePoint Designer cannot be used to edit web sites on servers different from Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013. To edit these sites, you need to use the same version of SharePoint Designer which matches the version of Microsoft SharePoint Server"

Again, the SharePoint Site Collection is 2010.
I get this error message when I try to use SharePoint Designer 2010 and I get the same error message when I attempt to use SharePoint Designer 2013.

Any insight or direction towards a fix or workaround would be greatly appreciated.

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Walter CurtisSharePoint AEDCommented:
just a thought -- make sure you are starting the correct version explicitly from start menu or where the start link is. If you are double clicking on a file to open SPD, the file association may have changed and the wrong versioning is opening.

I also have both versions installed and I have had the same error as you.

Hope that helps...
Walter CurtisSharePoint AEDCommented:
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