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when opening an email that was saved to PDF, with Adobe, I get an error message that I
need to download the latest Flash Player. When I try to download the Flash Player from the
Adobe web site I get a message that states I already have the latest Flash Player. what's the fix for this?
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Hello ThereSystem AdministratorCommented:
You need Flash Player to view Flash content in PDFs, PDF Portfolios, and other features. Adobe Reader and Acrobat no longer include Flash Player, and features that require Flash now leverage the machine’s local copy of Flash. This new strategy allows users and administrators to manage Flash Player updates independently of Acrobat product updates.

More here.

Uninstall your current Flash Player (which version btw?), download and install it again (both ActiveX and NPAPI, ver.

From Adobe support:
The Flash Player extension for the Acrobat XI Family is different to the Web browser plugins, and must be installed on demand by following the prompts in Acrobat or Adobe Reader.
You need to do exactly what the prompt says and install Flash Player - it's a different install than the Web browser plugin so you have to install it even if you think you already have Flash player on your computer.

When you want to install the latest Flash Player version to an older OS, you can get an pop-up window that 'you already have the latest Flash Player'. For that OS you really have the latest applicable version installed. But not the real latest version.
Come again?

Flash player has absolutely nothing to do with PDF's

Are you sure the message didn't say you needed to update your adobe acrobat reader?
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
That's probably spam and maybe a virus.  I would delete that email.
I assume you trust the sender, and that you've verified that the person indeed sent it? If not, go back and verify. Otherwise, delete the message.

Assuming it's legit, you probably need to look at the Multimedia Trust settings. However, I implore you to look at this Adobe article: https://helpx.adobe.com/acrobat/using/playing-video-audio-multimedia-formats.html
I stand corrected on the requirement, however on a security stand point unless the file is from a known trusted source, flash support should be disabled in acrobat anyway
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