Crystal Reports - Pull records matching specific criteria from a date range

I want to pull records for a report within a date range where field values are equal to certain conditions.
Below is the formula I created to pull records if the table1 value = 6 AND the table2 value = 1.

It is not working:

Formula Name  = Report Date Range

if {table.field1} = 6  and {table.field2} = 1 then
Date ({@Null})

I created a Date Range parameter and selection formula as follows:

{@Report Date Range} = {?Date Range}

Gary DemosPresidentAsked:
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Why don't you do it all in the selection formula

 {table.field1} = 6  and {table.field2} = 1
{elms_lead_status_history.date_modified}  =  {?Date Range}

Gary DemosPresidentAuthor Commented:
James, that appears to work for the whole report, but I need to perform a similar routine on a couple other data records in this report, so I'd like to avoid doing it all in the report selection formula. Any ideas?
Gary DemosPresidentAuthor Commented:
Hmmm I guess my previous post doesn't make sense since that is what I was essentially doing in my first attempt with my formula. Is there a way to do this with multiple formulas?
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What other things are you trying to do?

Gary DemosPresidentAuthor Commented:
I have similar scenarios to pull records on - such as
table.field1 = 4 and table.field2 = 3 then ...

But all of these would fall under the primary Date Range parameter
Do you want all the data then manipulate it or do you only want a subset of the data that meet the criteria?

To get the subset

    {table.field1} = 6  and {table.field2} = 1
    table.field1 = 4 and table.field2 = 3
 {elms_lead_status_history.date_modified}  =  {?Date Range}

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Gary DemosPresidentAuthor Commented:
I need to get the results (total count when the formula is true)  independently from each scenario, then use the results in an equation to find percentages, ratios, etc. based on the different scenarios.

Thanks - (I've been off during the holidays)
So you want to pull all records from a particular date range then calculate summaries and percentages based on given scenarios is that correct?

If so then use the date range as the report selection criteria
{elms_lead_status_history.date_modified}  =  {?Date Range}

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You can then create formulas to get the counts for the various scenarios

Scenario 1
Name - IsScenario1
If {table.field1} = 6  and {table.field2} = 1 then

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Calculate percentage that meet Scenario 1
   Sum({@IsScenario1} / Count(Table.keyfield}) * 100

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Similarly for each scenario


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Gary DemosPresidentAuthor Commented:
Perfect! - Thanks James!
I'm not sure why you referred to mlmcc as "James", twice.  I don't think that's his name.  Maybe I helped you with another question and you got confused?  Anyway, I just happened to be following this question and just felt like I had to say something.

Gary DemosPresidentAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the clarification.
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