How do I get the value from one node in XML using C#

What's the simplest way to get the value of the first node from the attached XML using C#? I expect to get the value ZELNINO. I'm using Visual Studio 2015. I thin it uses C# version 6.

I've tried a bunch of stuff I see on the web but nothing works well.

Also, how would I get the value of the current address street name. The value that should be returned is SPROUL. In this case, there are multiple address elements, but I want the element that has the status element under the address element with a value of CURRENT.
Andrew WerberAsked:
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Fernando SotoRetiredCommented:
What you posted is not a file that is in XML format. Please post the correct XML.
Andrew WerberAuthor Commented:
I tried another file. Both display fine in Internet Explorer. I'm also using LINQ for XML and I can use the following code to iterate through the XML as follows:

XDocument doc = XDocument.Load("CreditReportResponse.xml");
foreach (XElement element in doc.Elements().Descendants())
                    string value = element.Value;
Fernando SotoRetiredCommented:
Hi Andrew;

Sorry about that when I opened the file in my iPad the browser removed all the tags. The following code snippet should do what you need.
var xdoc = XDocument.Load(@"C:\....\CreditReportResponse.xml");

// Get the Namespace used in the document which is needed to access the node
XNamespace ns = xdoc.Root.Name.Namespace; 
// The simplest way to get the first node is as follows
var firstNode = xdoc.Descendants(ns + "first").FirstOrDefault();
// If the first node exist write out its value otherwise printout message
string first = firstNode != null ? firstNode.Value : "The first node was not found.";

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Andrew WerberAuthor Commented:
Thanks for working on this question. My ultimate goal is to be able to the data out of a few nodes.

The question specifically mentions 2 nodes I want to access. My impression is that the best way to get that data is using XPath. I don;t want to loop through all the nodes just to get data from a 'few' nodes.

Your comment just shows how to get the first node. So, that's not quite what I'm looking for.

I will give full credit for the code that accesses the data in both nodes. I'll give half credit for code that gets the data from one of the nodes.
Fernando SotoRetiredCommented:
Here try something like this
var xdoc = XDocument.Load(@"C:\....\CreditReportResponse.xml");

XNamespace ns = xdoc.Root.Name.Namespace;
var results = (from i in xdoc.Root.Descendants(ns + "indicative")
			   let first = i.Descendants(ns + "first").First().Value
			   let streetname = i.Elements(ns + "address").Where(a => a.Element(ns + "status").Value == "current").Descendants(ns + "name").First().Value
			   select new { first, streetname }).FirstOrDefault();

Console.WriteLine("First {0}, Street Name {1}", results.first, results.streetname);

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To get other nodes you can follow the same template.

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Andrew WerberAuthor Commented:
That worked.

I had the weekend off, and this project is at work, so sorry for the delay.

And, I noticed that my question was poorly written, and I did not specify exactly what node I was looking for with respect to Name, but you got that too.
Fernando SotoRetiredCommented:
Not a problem, glad it worked for you.
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