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I have an Excel spreadsheet , a sample of it is shown below.

I would like to have each EmpID in a separate worksheet that will display
Date by older date on top row

I do not need it to display Daily .. I need just Week End

that would be perfect if I can have a Chart (Histogram) added on each worksheet of the EmpID, based on Cost for each Date (older date first on the left).
it will display how the cost of each EmpID has fluctuated from 01/2017 going forward to more recent day.

I wonder if there is a script that can accomplish this ?

Thank you very much
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ShumsDistinguished Expert - 2017Commented:
In attached run macro "CreateAndSortEmpID":
1. It will create separate sheets as per Employee IDs.
2. It will display just Week Ends.
3. It will sort as per older dates.

Sorry I cannot help you with Charts.
Rob HensonFinance AnalystCommented:
There are a couple of options in Pivot Tables that you could use.

Double Click for Detail
When you create a Pivot Table you can double click on a value  and it will create a separate sheet showing just the elements that made up that item.

Page Filter Report
Create the pivot table and use Employee ID as a Page Filter. With the cursor in the Pivot Table there will be a Ribbon/Tab with menu choices. Over to the far left there is a button for Pivot Options with a dropdown next to it. Select the dropdown and one of the Options is "Show Report Filter Pages". Select this and you will get a list of items that are being used as page Filters (Employee ID); click OK and it will create a sheet with a replica of the Pivot Table filtered for each Employee.
Rob HensonFinance AnalystCommented:
Thank you to Shums for creating the sample data.

With that data I have created a Pivot Chart for what I believe you want to see.

The chart is created from the Pivot Table; changes to the table will be reflected in the chart and likewise changes to the chart will change the table. Use the EmpID filter in the table or the chart to change Employee

See attached.
jskfanAuthor Commented:
Thank you Guys..We'll try it later
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