Unable to install 32 bit ODBC drivers on FM Pro Advanced

I've checked the version of FM and downloaded the exactly version corresponding updated from http://www.filemaker.com/support/downloads/ running the downloaded exe file as administrator on Windows 10.

I consistently get an installer message saying..

The upgrade patch cannot be installed by the Windows Installer service because the program to be  upgraded may be missing
 or the upgrade patch may update a different version of the program. Verify that the program to be upgraded exists on your computer and that you have the correct upgrade patch.

FM Pro Adv works fine. I updated it to today before running the updater, which I want to get the 32 bit ODBC driver.

It seems to be a Windows installer originated issue - 10 home Version 1703 OS Build 15063.726.  Maybe it can't find the FM install path.

At a dead end, anyone else had this or any ideas how to troubleshoot / workaround ?

Many thanks
Adam BellAsked:
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Please retry on a clean system to compare with. If it happens there, please link exactly what you downloaded and I could try to reproduce.
Adam BellAuthor Commented:
Downloaded and installed on Win 10 home brand new machine, first without FM Pro 15 Adv then with, got the same message from Win Installer..i do wonder if its a path issue from the error text..


FileMaker Pro Advanced 32-bit 15.04 Windows 327mb

64 bit driver works fine on 64 bit os (no surprises)

FM say from v13 on 32bit no longer installs with the main application, but its in the upgrade and some seem to be able to fire it up, some not..

Many thanks..
If that happens on a clean machine, simply ask the manufacturer about it - he will be able to reproduce your problem and possibly solve it.
You use a 32 bit installation of windows and the download you mention and nothing else?
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Adam BellAuthor Commented:
It's 64 bit Windows...FM do not install by default by the file is in the 64 bit upgrade package directory so ambiguous, but its definitely a Win Installer error so will..

1. Rig up 32 bit Windows with same FM software and retry.

2. If that fails log a ticket with FM support.

Thanks again

Return with feeback as soon as you know more.

Merry XMas.
Adam BellAuthor Commented:
Any 64bit  Windows machine a try gives the same error.  The vendor of the tool Im using to migrate FMPro to other says he has it running, but I guess on a Mac as its a Windows installer error.

So am going to try on a virtualised Mac 64bit  and 32 Bit Win10..will post update soon..

Christmas being passed, all the best for 2018...
Thank you, same for you and hear you soon.
Adam, you said you would come back soon - now the thread is about to be deleted. You can still prevent that by coming back.
Adam BellAuthor Commented:
I have been doing extensive testing in available time using VM.

Installation of either 64bit FMPro/odbc system Dsn or 32bit equivalent works fine,  the issue is how to install 32bit and 64bit of odbc system Dsn with 32bit and 64bit fmpro installed on same PC, obviously 64 bit in those case win10.

This applies to fmpro migrator software which is 32bit. I understand it uses 32 bit fmpro odbc,  and 64bit mysql odbc during migration.

I believe it's due to how win installer  located the different versions of FMPro installed as that corresponds to the text in the original error message I'm seeing.

In next 24 hours I will test a newly built VM  and install the 32 bit version of fmpro and create 32 Bit fmpro dsn and 64 bit mysql odbc first. Then 64 bit fmpro in different directory then odbc dsn.

I believe this is a question of general interest and request an extension to resolve for the experts to save other members from going through the same laborious testing process.
Adam BellAuthor Commented:
Apologies, the problem seems to be that the Windows installer is not able to differentiate between the 64 bit and 32 bit installations of FMPro, which is consistent with the original error message - can't find the product..

I'm guessing that either some particular sequence of installation of FMPro versions AND related update patches (which is where the error occurs with Win Installer thereby so far preventing installation of the 32 bit ODBC drivers so that they can be configured), and/or registry hack is the answer.

I will post any further updates here soonest, and appreciate and pointers...
Did you within the last 2 months ask the manufacturer for guidance? You should emphasize that you need steps to reproduce on windows.
Let's not speculate.
Adam BellAuthor Commented:
Filemaker say 32 bit for 32 bit OS, 64 for 64...

The vendor of the software which requires 32bit  bit FMPro ODBC for READ and 64bit FMPro ODBC for MySql write insists its possible and has provided some assistance.

Agree a methodology needed, will work some more with both to figure out the precise method by which it can be done.

Thank you.
That won't help very much, but I came across this pb 2 years ago or so with something alse than fmaker
64bit apps (SQL server for instance) won't "see" 32 bit odbc drivers.
and vice versa. Admin tools in the control panel will display what you exactly have.

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Adam BellAuthor Commented:
The windows installer looking for the last installed version of FMpro and related path was the root cause.  Install and config 32 bit ODBC FM pro dsn first,  use migration software to initiate migration to mysql,  then install 64 bit ODBC for Mysql dsn, and completion migration wizard in the case of this specialist software.
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