How to setup Meru AP 200 with static IP Address

I have just taken over 15 Meru AP200 access point and a Extreme Summit x150-24p switch. The switch have just died. I installed a new Dell managed switch but can not get into the AP 200 to setup static IP Address for all 15 AP. Anyone help with this problem, I have never worked with these products before as you problem can tell. Thank you.
jodyreidIT ManagerAsked:
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masnrockConnect With a Mentor Commented:
So 2 questions:
1) Did you have VLANs? If so, are the access points connected to the right one?
2) Are any other devices having connectivity issues?
Are the APs at least getting IP addresses successfully? A simple workaround would be to configure reservations in your DHCP server for each AP.

Looks like you'd have to go to each AP and do it. Look at Page 6 (based on bottom of the page.. it's page 10 of the document itself):

You *may* be able to simply telnet into each IP and configure the IP address following the commands in the article I provided.
jodyreidIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
Not getting any IP Address that i can see
jodyreidIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
Thank you
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