Iphone performance advice - upgrade? Something I can do with the phone to improve things?

I have a 64 GB iphone 6S - a little over 2 years old now?  It says it has 37GB available. I've deleted apps, pictures, etc that I am not using.

Am I expecting too much for better performance? I notice sometimes when I delete an app - it takes somethign like 5 seconds after clicking x for it to go away. Other times, it goes away right away.

Opening contacts (which is linked to o365 and i have 8000 contacts) or mail or other thigns... I'll get a white screen for a couple / few seconds as the app opens up.

I make a point to close apps that are in the background.  I have background update turned off. I've hard reset (hold home and power button for a few seconds till you get the white screen), etc.

Browsing in safari takes a few seconds for pages to load, etc...  am I expecting too much? are things that much better with iphone 8 or x? My kids have the same phone and want to upgrade.  

I do get through the day on a single charge sometimes (so battery is good /fair).  it's more processing power.  Which I read is something that apple (sometimes / always?) slows down on older phones?  

Is there a way to tell where the bottlenecks are?

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By coincidence, it's only today that Apple confirms the suspicion:
Depending on how much Apple slows your phone down, I can only suggest you backup your phone, do a FULL FACTORY RESET, and start using it that way. If after a few days you don't see improvement, you can restore the backup.

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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I have an iPhone SE (6s) 64 GB.  

5 seconds to delete an app may be OK, Some are faster to delete.

8,000 contacts is a lot of contacts. I am not surprised this takes time.

Browsing on Safari sounds normal and is my experience.

If you have truly hard reset and set it back up again, you are probably getting normal performance on your phone.
Check your e-mail setup and Sync period. Do not keep e-mails on your phone more than 2 weeks and you will save the storage and sync time. If you have big subfolders tree in your inbox, limit the sync period to 3 days because I have terrible experiences with Apple and syncing exchange mailbox with hundreds or thousands subfolders.
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Jackie ManIT ManagerCommented:
iPhones are powerful computers but they do have problems.

What problems?

CPU/GPU speed and power and thermal pressure

How to solve problems?

iOS update

However, as the hardware of old iPhones are not designed for the newest iOS, on some process, users will experience slowness and it is pretty normal.


Get a new iPhone.

JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
My iPhone SE (6s) is working fine with the very latest IOS. So unless you are really hampered you should be fine.
Kyle SantosQuality AssuranceCommented:
Agree with #a42412083
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