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A customer is trying to copy and paste spreadsheets and other tables consisting of cells and columns inside of Microsoft Word, but a problem that we've run into is that the formatting is incorrect.  Some of the tables will clip off the page and it's unclear on how to resize them or the page to make them visible.  I've tried setting Word to paste without formatting by default but we'd like to know if there are resources online or other tips you can share.  

Is there a way to resize all the pages?  I don't think he's going to print them, but was wondering if there's a different way to format the tables to make them coherent in a standard letter format.  They're not wide to the point they would clip off the page.  Maybe scaling them would be appropriate but I'm not sure how to do that.

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I hadn't seen this feature since Office 2003 or 2007 when this was working by default. You have to copy the table into Excel and paste in Word with the option "Link and Keep Source Formatting". Then when you would like to edit the table in Excel, right-click in the table cell and select "Linked Worksheet Object" and "Edit."
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Are they pasting Excel content simply as Word tables? The rough and ready way to adjust is to use "Autofit Window" command from the "Table Tools" "Layout" tab.

Alternatively, you could build some VBA code to resize fonts in the tables based on a calculation of desired table width, and then use the autofit command from within VBA.
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