Moving Azure Classic Storage Account and Data to Azure ARM

Our current storage account which host 140TB of Blob data, was created in the classic portal and needs to by moved to ARM. We have already setup the new storage account in ARM but moving the data to the new storage account is becoming a pain point. We are trying to do run Azcopy from one of our onprem servers and the data completion time is probably 4 weeks as this point. We already ask Azure support if they could restore our data from the old account into the new one and they stated this was not possible. Is our only other option to create a VM in Azure and run Azcopy from withing Azure?
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MaheshConnect With a Mentor ArchitectCommented:
U don't need to copy blob items, it should be moved and your operation should get completed within few hours / few days (one or two probably) since you have 140 TB data

You need to register resource account provider with RM PowerShell and then within four stages you should be able to move your storage account
Check step 4 and 6.2 in below article for steps
compdigit44Author Commented:
This is as great article. I am reviewing it now and will let you know if you have any  questions.
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