PHP errors on wordpress

Hi, I'm in a bad place here. I have a site on godaddy, and we decided we'd get better service and a faster site on Bluehost. Well, that has been hellish. I asked them if they'd put it on PHP 7.0, rather than what it was on, PHP 5.6 They said, Oh yes, our servers default to PHP 7.0.

Then they said, Nope we can only get it on 5.6 And I can't have that, because it's being EOL'd shortly. Bluehost is no help at all. So here's where I stand. I changed it to PHP 7.0 single ini.php. And now I have the errors you are seeing here, attached. Bluehost says, they can't help and I need to get a developer. I am hoping someone here can help me out. The files they talk about ARE there.

The nameservers are still at godaddy, so you won't be able to see the Bluehost site unless you change your hosts file as in the attached doc.

I hope someone can help! Thanks in advance!
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Compare the folder paths (the bolded path vs. the non-bolded path):

The first one (with "home3") is the correct path leading to your WP installation. The non-bolded one is the problem. My guess is that you have a plugin that relies on some bad auto-configuration or maybe some stored configuration that is still set up for your old host. I'd start looking there.
David FavorLinux/LXD/WordPress/Hosting SavantCommented:
The host file you posted has no effect on PHP version.

The PHP errors you posted are files which are missing or have incorrect permissions set, so this has nothing to do with PHP version either.

I migrate clients sites most every day. When migrating WordPress, best to use the WordPress suggested method of migrating a site.

Either use a manual method or a plugin like Duplicator or BackupBuddy.

Note: If these are the only errors, likely these files ownership and/or permission settings are making the files unreadable to Apache.

Simple fix will be to correct file ownership + permission... well... if you used a normal backup/restore plugin. If you used some sort of ad-hoc migration sequence, then no way to tell what the problem might be.

Likely best for you to hire someone who does migrations every day.

Also, if you can afford better hosting, don't use BlueHost. Since EIG acquired BlueHost + HostGator, both companies tech support staff have only bare levels of competency.

In fact, best to avoid any hosting company owned by EIG.
mel200Author Commented:
Thanks... unfortunately, the boss already spent 150 bucks migrating the sites, so if possible I'd like to get this going on these servers. Otherwise I have to ask him to lose that fee and start over with another company, and he will have no reason to trust my recommendation.
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Peter HartCommented:
As David Favor commented  they are not PHP eorrors they look like a  incomplete transfer.

since the name servers are still pointing to the old website at go daddy how can WordPress  site work?
in the dashboard will have the site address pointing to the URL which is still at GoDaddy?

if you move it again to another host you will have the same problems.
mel200Author Commented:

1. as I said in my comment, the files ARE there on the server. I can FTP in and the files are there. This problem occurred when I changed over to PHP 7.0 from 5.6

2. I can see the wordpress site by updating my hosts file with their IP address for the site. If you do what they suggest here:  and update your hosts file with the info I attached, then you'll see the wordpress site on the bluehost servers. If you take that out of your hosts file, you'll see the live site on the godaddy servers.
Peter HartCommented:
I understand that, what I mean is :
did you update the database entries that contain the address of the website?
surely the wordpress files are using the actual address of the website to access its files.
can you log on to the dashboard and look at the site URL?
mel200Author Commented:
ok. once I opened up my dumb eyes, I realized that the problem was the divi booster. disable that, site works. So now i need to find a replacement for that or a replacement for what it does. Should solve the issue. Not that there won't be other issues...
Peter HartCommented:
maybe just un-install and remove its data and reinstall it will work as it precompiled and probably cached the old URL

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mel200Author Commented:
oooo.. didn't think of that, will try thanks!
mel200Author Commented:
Oh, sorry, to answer your question, yes, they are using the actual name of the site.
mel200Author Commented:
That worked!! Thanks. I will leave this open, there may be more questions, but I'm getting somewhere.
mel200Author Commented:
Looks like the site is working, except some image issues which should be solved once I point the name servers and add the SSL certificates.

Thanks to everyone, happy holidays!
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