How to automate using powershell script

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How to automate it using powershell script daily to transfer 2 files from a network drive and upload it to google drive without user interfering.
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QlemoConnect With a Mentor Batchelor, Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
If you want direct access to Google Drive instead of relying on automated synhronisation as shown above, you'll have use something like instead of RoboCopy or similar commands.
A robocopy script setup as a scheduled task should do what you're looking for
alanlam123Author Commented:
Is there a script reference
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Based on your question I'm assuming the network drive is mapped to a drive letter on the system you'll be running this on

With this in mind you could try:

robocopy Z:\some-folder\file1.doc C:\Users\user-name\Documents\google-drive-folder\
robocopy Z:\some-folder\file2.doc C:\Users\user-name\Documents\google-drive-folder\
Hello ThereSystem AdministratorCommented:
Create a new task that will run Powershell.exe under admin account and then in Arguments field write the path to your script.
(arguments:  -ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned -File C:\script.ps1)

robocopy S:\yourFile1 C:\Users\%username%\Disk Google\
robocopy S:\yourFile2 C:\Users\%username%\Disk Google\

Open in new window

alanlam123Author Commented:
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