I use TSM for backup , and my problem is that much voliume are in state empty :

tsm: TSM_7.1>query vol status=empty stg=VVR_PROD

Volume Name                  Storage         Device         Estimated       Pct      Volume
                             Pool Name       Class Name      Capacity      Util      Status
------------------------     -----------     ----------     ---------     -----     --------
VSR036L3                     VVR_PROD        VTL_VSR            0.0 M       0.0      Empty
VSR131L3                     VVR_PROD        VTL_VSR            0.0 M       0.0      Empty
VSR156L3                     VVR_PROD        VTL_VSR            0.0 M       0.0      Empty
VSR165L3                     VVR_PROD        VTL_VSR            0.0 M       0.0      Empty
VSR186L3                     VVR_PROD        VTL_VSR            0.0 M       0.0      Empty
VSR230L3                     VVR_PROD        VTL_VSR            0.0 M       0.0      Empty
VSR279L3                     VVR_PROD        VTL_VSR            0.0 M       0.0      Empty
VSR346L3                     VVR_PROD        VTL_VSR            0.0 M       0.0      Empty
VSR379L3                     VVR_PROD        VTL_VSR            0.0 M       0.0      Empty
VSR380L3                     VVR_PROD        VTL_VSR            0.0 M       0.0      Empty
VSR381L3                     VVR_PROD        VTL_VSR            0.0 M       0.0      Empty

the status of every volume is this :
tsm: TSM_7.1>q vol VSR036L3 f=d

                   Volume Name: VSR036L3
             Storage Pool Name: VVR_PROD
             Device Class Name: VTL_VSR
            Estimated Capacity: 0.0 M
       Scaled Capacity Applied:
                      Pct Util: 0.0
                 Volume Status: Empty
                        Access: Read-Only
        Pct. Reclaimable Space: 0.0
               Scratch Volume?: Yes
               In Error State?: No
      Number of Writable Sides: 1
       Number of Times Mounted: 15
             Write Pass Number: 1
     Approx. Date Last Written: 11/20/17   07:29:38
        Approx. Date Last Read: 12/20/17   14:27:16
           Date Became Pending:
        Number of Write Errors: 0
         Number of Read Errors: 0
               Volume Location:
Volume is MVS Lanfree Capable : No
Last Update by (administrator):
         Last Update Date/Time: 11/18/17   04:14:39
          Begin Reclaim Period:
            End Reclaim Period:
  Drive Encryption Key Manager: None
       Logical Block Protected: No

Now i wish delete this volume for scratch utilization but when try delete i have this result :

ANR2221W This command will result in the deletion of all inventory references to the data on volume VSR036L3,
thereby rendering the data unrecoverable.
If the volume being deleted contains deduplicated data, the server invalidates all files that reside in the
storage pool that are dependent upon the data stored on this volume. Files on other volumes might be marked as
damaged and result in warning messages when that data is accessed.

Do you wish to proceed? (Yes (Y)/No (N)) Y
ANR2418E DELETE VOLUME: Migration operation already in progress for volume VSR036L3.
ANS8001I Return code 14.

How can I solve the problem ?
Dario VercelliSystem administratorAsked:
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wow, that is funny ...

what is really weird is the following into volume properties:
 Access: Read-Only

... why is this ? Can you update volume in status readwrite ?

Second: I'd like to see what "Reuse delay" value you have into storage pool:
q stg VVR_PROD F=D

and post the output of Reuse delay parameter

Dario VercelliSystem administratorAuthor Commented:
thks Max,

I understood why he was not working properly, I had an active migration
I raised the migration threshold and put it at 100%, then started to populate the sctratch.
First it was 0%

now I do not know what maximum and minimum threshold set on the storage pool for migration process ?
that depends on how you want to manage migration ...

thresholds can be set to have it done automatically:

"high" value means when you want to start it (automatically) 100% is completely full, 90 is 90% ful and so on
"low" value means how much you want to empty it: 0 means totally empty, 10% means you leave 10% of quantity on it and then stop migration, and so on

if you do not want to have it automatically empty (because you schedule an admin task that does WHEN YOU DECIDE), then set:


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Dario VercelliSystem administratorAuthor Commented:
Ok, have you an example of task for manage migration manually ?

def script MIGR_VVR_PROD "migrate stg VVR_PROD"

the you can launch it from CLI:


or you can schedule at a given time:

def sched MIGR_VVR_PROD T=A cmd="run MIGR_VVR_PROD" starttime=19:00 active=y

hope this helps

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Dario VercelliSystem administratorAuthor Commented:
The answer was satisfactory
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