Exchange 2016 Maintenance mode

I am following a given below Microsoft Guide to put the server into maintenance mode.  The server which I want to put into maintenance mode has also role of Primary Active Manager ( PAM).

The microsoft article does not have any instructions that what we need to do if server has PAM role. They are straight away suggesting that suspend the cluster node ( Suspend-ClusterNode <ServerName).  So it can not become the PAM. The Question is what we need to do if it is already have PAM Role?

Should I need to suspend the node without moving the PAM role to any other server?

Note: I have suspended the server by running the command ( Suspend-ClusterNode <ServerName).  The server status had been changed from up to paused. However, the server still have PAM role.  

 should it be assigned to any other server after suspending the Exchange node?
Muhammad AsifSenior Solutions ArchitectAsked:
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As indicated in the article, you need to use Move-ClusterGroup command.
The article clearly states:
In most cases, Exchange administrators should not be concerned with the owner of the cluster group or the node designated as the PAM.  This is true even for DAGs that span multiple sites where the PAM may be a node in a distant datacenter.
Patch the server,  reboot, the cluster management role will move to someone else.
What's the problem that your trying to address?
AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
If you don't have DR site, you don't need to worry, Exchange will take care for you. In DR scenario, there are chances PAM moved to DR server, in that case you can move it back to Primary site, using cluster commands. Rest check Ronin article posted above.
Muhammad AsifSenior Solutions ArchitectAuthor Commented:
Hi Ronin,

Thanks for providing the link. The server which I am going to put into maintenance mode also have PAM role. I have paused the node using the command Suspend-ClusterNode Exch-Server-Name .

Now server has paused status if I run the command "Get-ClusterNode" but stil have the PAM role and it has not been moved to any other DAG Member by Exchange.
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