Android version of iPhones do not disturb and allow favoritess ?

Over xmas want customers to go to voice mail but friends and family to ring / alert

iPhone is easy / do not disturb allow favorites

What about android ? My mate has android and wants to do the same idea as my iPhone.

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Brian BEE Topic Advisor, Independant Technology ProfessionalCommented:
You can set individual ring tones for contacts if that's what you mean. You don't seem to respond to/close many of your questions, so please reply back here and I'll give you more details.
Jackie ManCommented:
What is the brand and model of the Android phone?

If you are using the latest SONY Xperia phone, you will find "Do not disturb" (DND) under Settings -> Sound & notification.

Settings -> Sound & notification.
Jackie ManCommented:
If you have no further questions, please do a favor to close this question.

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