Skype for Business Online (SfB) and On Prem - Hybrid

We have migrated ALL of our SfB On Prem users to the Cloud, Online. Question: Will new AD users, after being synchronized to the Cloud and given the proper E3 license with SkB Online enabled, have the same functionality as the users who were migrated from SkB On Prem to SfB Online?

Also, once all users are homed Online, is it necessary to continue to have SfB External DNS records point to our On Prem SkB Edge Servers? (We are currently still using PBX On Prem)
Anthony K O365Asked:
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Amit KumarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1. New user created in AD and sync them to O365 using AAD Connect then assign E3 license they will be activated for mailbox and Skype for both automatically.
2. No if all users are migrated then move all DNS records to SFB Online.
Anthony K O365Author Commented:
Thank you for the confirmation.
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