Installing Google. Chrome on my new MacBook Pro

I'm a PC guy, and just bought a MacBook Pro.  I'm not used to Safari yet.

When I download Chrome, and click google chrome.dmg in my Downloads, nothing happens.  What am I missing?  I'm trying to follow the directions on the Youtube video.  Something should start installing when I click google chrome.dmg
Dwight BaerStudentAsked:
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Comparing Mac and PC installation process:
PC installation goes through running .exe or extracting .zip file. Uninstallation usually goes through Add Remove Programs or Programs and Features.
Mac installation can go through running .pkg or .dmg file. First, one runs same as PC and will take you through the installation steps. Another one will give open another window with icons in it and installation is simple with Drug and Drop to the application folder. Uninstallation process is usually with drug and drop to Trash icon or simply deleting the application icon.
Adelaido JimenezDevOpsCommented:
You need to double click on the dang and a small window should open. With a google chrome icon and the application folder. You just need to drag and drop the icon into the folder and it should install the chrome web browser
David FavorLinux/LXD/WordPress/Hosting SavantCommented:
Yep. Double click the .dmg as Adelaido suggested + all should be well.
Dwight BaerStudentAuthor Commented:
Thaks.  Sorry for the delayed response - Christmas happened.
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