How can I get this content to move down?

Bruce Gust
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Head out to and click on "View Series Four Courses." It' the big purpled button about the middle of the page.

You'll notice how the content moves down and makes room for what's being exposed. It's using JQuery to move things down which is exactly what I need to occur when the user clicks on the blue button at the bottom of all that explanatory text where it says, "To purchase, click here."

The content that is revealed goes over the already existing content rather than push it down.

How do I make the existing page content move down?


Here's a screenshot:

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The problem is CSS. When you expand the section, it's giving the section a fixed height, so the <div> becomes:

<div class="CollapsibleCoursesContent" style="display: block; visibility: visible; height: 452px;">

If you remove that height attribute when expanding, things should properly move around on the screen.
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