how do you dual boot Ubuntu and Windows 7

I have an Asus republic of gamers g75vw.  i want  it to dual boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu.  My hard drive is 411 gigabytes.  I'm unsure of partition size or number.  I did get it to format into two partitions and it would run either OS but you kept having to put in either the Windows CD or the Ubuntu CD.  I want either to boot from my hard drive.  Is this possible?
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I do this now with Ubuntu 16 LTS as a virtual machine. This is much more convenient over the long term as you do not have to shut down Windows to run Ubuntu.

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Tom CieslikIT EngineerCommented:
I did it on my work computer using this manual

It's working like hell and manual is simple.
Please fallow instruction and You'll succeed
David FavorLinux/LXD/WordPress/Hosting SavantCommented:
Dual booting is great, if you only desire running one system at a time.

I rarely use Windows + since Windows is so flakey + hackable, I run either Linux or OSX as the host OS + then VirtualBox is where I install Windows.

This way, if Windows looses it's marbles, makes no difference, because every new boot pulls a pristine copy of the OS back out of the original install image. I only update my install images using boot + install updates + save image (never running any application). So far zero problems with Windows images, since switching to using Windows like this.
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I just hate turning one system off to get to the other one. And since my Windows system is strong, robust and never flakey, virtualization works great. When I change computers, the Ubuntu system comes along for the ride.
dwcroninAuthor Commented:
Thank you,
i will do this first thing tomorrow.   This problem has been driving me nuts for about month.  I want Windows for the games and Dragon Naturally Speaking-  I have multiple sclerosis and I type with only my left index finger (I'm left handed and it doesn't affect me as strongly on that side).  In many of my messages I don't capitalize letters that should be capitalized because my right hand doesn't work well and I can't hold shift as I type.  I don't understand virtual box and I'll start learning about that tomorrow.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
You could use Virtual Box or VMware Player. Both will do what you wish.  Your posts are fine - please do not worry about capitalization.
Ouled Yahya MedWeb Developer |DesignerCommented:
You can :
* Use Virtual Machine such as VirtualBox, it enable you to run Ubunto operating system in Windows .. or other OS .. ( vis versa )
* Dual Boot, install Windows first, then Ubuntu .. but, i advice you to repart your hard drive in 3 partitions not 2 portitions.. First one for Windows OS, second one for Ubuntu OS, and third one for your files, you can access for your files freely using both Windows or Ubuntu
Usually, Ubuntu boot loader can boot both a Windows and a linux/UNIX Ubuntu
Not clear whether your install is UEFi or old style bios.

You would define the boot order, I.e. Preferred boot is for OS1 wait 30 seconds on boot to give you the opportunity to switch.

Virtualizing using VMware or virtualbox as suggested earlier in this thread or in one of your prior questions ...
The benefit of virtualization with the windows as your host environment, provides you with possibly retaining the dragon naturally speaking that will capture the voice and pass the results to the guest machine.

Using grub of the Linux bootloader you would need to record/identify how the Ubuntu bootloader needs to start the Windows bootup.

Usually, the Ubuntu bootloader setup included an option to detect the presence of other OS and add them as legacy Windows... Or something like that.
Though your situation is that both are already installed.
dwcroninAuthor Commented:
john hurst,
is there a particular vm you use?  there are several different vendors.  one is solarwinds.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I have not seen a Solar Winds virtualizer. I use VMware Workstation as I like this best. VMware Player is less expensive (may still be free) . Virtual Box is free but it has some limitations. If you have or will have a Windows 10 64-bit Machine, it has Hyper-V which comes free. I like VMware as the most flexible for my use. I have machines that I built on different computers and they still run on my new computer
dwcroninAuthor Commented:
john hurst,
i will look at VMwre Player then.  I will be back if i'm confused.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
When you install VMWARE Player , look at the main menu. You can make a new Machine there. First download the Ubuntu ISO and then point to that when you make a new machine. We are always here if you need us
dwcroninAuthor Commented:
thank you. there were many popups confusing me.  i will go back and try the iso thing.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Try File, New Machine and see how that works
dwcroninAuthor Commented:
i have downloaded a fil8e called VMware player setup into my downloads directory.  i started to run this and it showed what looked like a faring game and so i got out and shut it down.
dwcroninAuthor Commented:
faring = farming
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Make very sure you use to download your program. You will have register with an email address (at least I had to)
dwcroninAuthor Commented:
will do
dwcroninAuthor Commented:
i got tired of the non-freeness of everything and i ran back to Ubuntu but after seeing Ubuntu 17.10 and not really liking it, i will give the dual boot another shot tomorrow.  So tomorrow i will put windows 7 back on.  i gotta get this dual boot to work,  i'm getting tired of switching my os.
have a look at linux mint. Much depends on your preference and what it is you wish the system to do.

Commonly, make sure windows is installed and configured to boot.
dwcroninAuthor Commented:
i think i'll dual boot 7 and mint.  i want the games of 7.  i got a bit of a bug for unix from college.
you should identify the type of windows install that you have UEFI or BIOS.... I think I asked this before, but did not get an answer.

The reason is that a BIOS based setup, the install of a linux after windows, one adds/register the MBR for the linux bootloader while at the same time, the linux installer should reflect that there is a windows "legacy"/type system and prompts whether it needs to be setup/added in the bootloader.
Usually, the linux will set itself as the default. you would need to then boot into linux and change the preference using grub /etc/grub.conf shifting the preferred/default.

could you post the output of the following windows command
elevated command window
list disk
select disk x
list partition
list volume
for x from 0 to n

trying to see how many drives and how the partitions ...
Please include on which drive/partition you are installing..
Though the type should reveal ....

trying to see whether you are installing linux on an extended partition...
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I'm getting tired of switching my OS.

Yes, I understand. Really for most of us (people like you, like many), one OS is completely adequate. Load on Windows 7 and be happy with one OS.  

If you are able to, get a Windows 10 computer. Better accessibility features, more secure and will definitely satisfy your needs.
dwcroninAuthor Commented:
David Favor:
i was considering dual booting just because i thought windows had better games.  as far as i know, the voice recognition in linux is not as good as dragon naturally  speaking is.  since i have multiple sclerosis, i find it difficult to type , and DNS is quite helpful..  i think DNS is only available for Windows.  mouse control is also very helpful for the same reason.

john hurst,
i've learned to like the unix shell since college.  dang it, windows just has better games.  as far as  know.  i like the free of linux though.  

i've got windows 7 on my machine. right now.  I'm ready to use a virtual machine to try out a virtual machine between mint and windows 7.  i don't know v.m. though.  this is all a learning process.  john hurst gave info on the v.m.  ms slows me way the hell down so forgive me for slow answers.  sounds like they're getting ready to bring me food.  i've gotta go.  someone said i had windows question that i meant to answer, but i'm outt
dwcroninAuthor Commented:
dwcroninAuthor Commented:
john hurst,
i'm still very interested in vmware.  i like the idea of being able to switch between OSes.  I feel some obligation to run linux because that is what my deceased brother - 17 years but we were close always used.  i think windows can play better games which i've heard is good for ms and it also runs dragon naturally  speaking which is good since i don't know how to move the linux mouse arrow by voice.

i'm still interested in learning vmware but i'm short on time
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
VMware (Player or Workstation) is a virtualizing application like Virtual Box or Hyper-V.

You need to have a Virtual Machine in a disk file. VMware knows how to open and run this file.

VMware Player, when you install and start it, presents you with a screen (below). You click on Create New Virtual Machine. If you have an Ubuntu ISO downloaded, point to that and set the other options you want. I would allow 50 GB of disk space assuming you have that to spare. Then Ubuntu will start to install and in about 15 minutes you have a new Ubuntu machine running.

Sorry, it seems my instructions did not .....
It is best to copy and paste the output .
After invoking the command diskpart which requires elevation.
the following command will display the number if disks in your system
list disk
To work with a specific disk from the list you have to run the command
select disk 0
list partition
list volume

TO get information for every disk repeat from the disk selection for each disk in the list.

In the conclusion, mark all the text in the diskpart menu and copy it.
Then please paste it in your response.
dwcroninAuthor Commented:
you're right.  I didn't understand the commands.  I'll do it as fast as I can.
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