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Is there any quick measure I can take to completely eradicate possible more trojans?

I ran a virus scan during the night, and received this result in the morning:

Trojan: BAT/Stravdri.A
This program is dangerous and runs commands from an attacker.

I deleted it and restarted the computer whereupon the computer worked much faster. But now I am not sure if there is an issue again, begin to get slow sometimes.

I have a large project I am working with that has a tight deadline and have no time to run more thorough virus searches. So I wonder if there is any quick measure I can take? My normal AV software (MSE) takes more than 24 hours to run a thorough scan with. Malwarebytes Pro did not find anything when I run it two days ago.

I had someone use my credit card a few weeks ago, and had it blocked by the bank. Lost around 300 USD. It is possible it could be related to this.

I use Windows 7 Home 64-bit.
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